Empowering People. Repowering Communities.
A new vision of possibilities

New Vision believes that God has given us the natural resources and human ingenuity to develop innovative, sustainable and renewable energy solutions in communities all over the world. A non-profit organization, we work locally and globally with faith-based and community organizations to get renewable products into the hands of the people that will benefit the most. We offer a completely New Vision for strengthening community relationships and involvement.

Ruston Seaman Receives
eTown E-Chievement Award

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Help Stop the Outbreak of Ebola

Make a donation, donate a Ray of Life light to Liberia, or buy a light for yourself and New Vision will send a light to Liberia to help the 90% of the population in Liberia living without electricity, struggling to take care of their sick in the dark.

Make a difference!

The Story of Ruth

After learning about The Story of Ruth and how one solar light changed the course of her life, New Vision is creating small business solutions to empower women and girls to bring them out of poverty.

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A Member of the Leadership Foundations Network

New Vision Global I.M.P.A.C.T. is proud to participate in Leadership Foundations Mentoring Initiative (LFMI) which supports mentoring programs in 44 states for more than 3,000 students in a variety of mentoring activities.

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